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Wall Shelves

These significantly proportioned wall units are period correct wall art in the form of modernism shelving. Art itself, doubling as a functional shelving unit display system. Excellent showplaces for modern books and accessories in rooms with and without space constraints.

What are the best floating shelves?

The best floating shelves are going to be the most durable. You want to be sure that they will hold your belongings without crashing down. Proper installation will play a large part of how well they stay put.

Can floating shelves hold much weight?

If properly installed attached to a stud, a floating shelf can hold up to about 75lbs.

Do floating shelves need studs?

Yes, if you would like to put any items of significant weight on a floating shelf, it is advised to attach it to a stud.

Are floating shelves hard to install?

Most floating shelves are easy to install for someone with basic knowledge of power tools (i.e., an electric drill). However, it is advised to use a stud finder if you plan on putting anything more than just a few picture frames on the shelf.

Are Floating Shelves strong?

Floating shelves can be strong if attached to a stud in the wall.

What is difference between bookshelf and bookcase?

Although often used interchangeably, bookcases are generally a single standalone storage unit that has multiple shelves and are encased on three sides. A bookshelf can be a single floating shelf on the wall or can be an standalone shelf unit that is open on both the front and the back.

What is a floating mantel?

A floating mantel is a shelf that goes over a fireplace that is only attached to the wall without the use of sides that extend to the floor.

What is the difference between shelf and shelve?

A shelf is a surface used for storing things such as books. The word shelve is a verb that means to decide not to move forward with something. The two words are never interchangeable unless used in a plural form.