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Now you can complete your mid century modern seating with an optional coordinating ottoman. These footstools are made to the same exactly quality standards as the series they compliment. The ottoman is perfect for transforming a modernist sofa or chair into a lounging experience. Need some room to expand? It is not just a footstool, an ottoman doubles as extra seating space creating versatility when socializing.

What's the difference between an ottoman and a pouf?

Ottomans and poufs can both be used as foot stools, however an ottoman is generally going to be more firm and will often have feet that raise it from the ground where a pouf will usually sit flat on the floor and have less internal structure.

How high should your Ottoman be?

The ottoman height will depend on the furniture it is accompanying. You want your ottoman height to be less than or equal to the seat height of the accompanying furniture.

Should an ottoman be the same height as the chair?

An ottoman does not have to be the same height of the accompanying chair, but generally you do not want it to be taller than the seat height of the chair.

Where does an Ottoman go?

An ottoman can really go anywhere you choose. The main purpose is to give you a place to kick your feet up while sitting in a chair or on a sofa. However, it can be used as a coffee table, or additional seating in a room.

How do I know what size my ottoman is?

The best way to find the size of an ottoman is to measure. If you are looking to purchase an ottoman. The dimensions will be listed for you on the website listing.

What type of furniture is an ottoman?

Ottomans can be considered a footstool, an accessory or a seating piece.

Why is a footstool called an ottoman?

The term footstool and ottoman are used interchangeably. However, footstools are often smaller than an ottoman.

How do I choose an ottoman?

As a general rule, the best ottoman for your chair will be approximately 1" shorter than the seat of your chair.

What can I do with a large ottoman?

Large ottomans are great pieces to double as a coffee table and a footstool or often additional seating.

What's the difference between an ottoman and a footstool?

Footstools are most often smaller than an ottoman. However, the term footstool and ottoman are generally used interchangeably.