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How tall is a bench?

Most bench heights range from 18"-20" in height. All Kardiel bench dimensions are listed on

What is the standard bench width?

There is not a standard bench width to speak of. One of the beautiful things about benches is they are usually designed to accommodate ether 2-3 people.

How long is a 3 person bench?

A 3 seater bench will be an average of about 61" in order to comfortably seat 3 average size adults.

How deep should bench seats be?

In order to sit comfortably on a bench, you would want your seat to be a minimum of 14" in depth.

Should a bench be as long as the table?

Symmetry is not mandatory in this case but can be aesthetically pleasing. However, if you choose to be able to tuck your bench under the table, be sure it will fit between the table legs which, in most cases, would require the bench be a shorter length than the table.

How deep should a breakfast nook bench be?

A "nook" bench will generally be a built in similar to a booth. For this type of bench seat, you would want the depth to be between 18-20".

Can you put a wooden bench with a round table?

Yes, you can use a wooden bench with a round table just as long as the bench is the correct size and does not look ascue.

Do dining benches save space?

Yes they do. Space saving is definitely an added bonus from using a dining bench in lieu of multiple chairs.

How deep should a dining bench be?

A dining bench should be at least 14" in depth for optimal comfort

What is a dining bench?

A dining bench is a bench is something one uses instead of chairs at a dining table.