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Dining Tables

A specifically curated and reproduced collection of the most sought after styles in modernist dining tables. Glass wood or fiberglass, the styles offered are unique with intention and meaning to the modernist movement. Whether mid century or loft modern, the following styles represent treasured works worth of the most discerning modern collections.

Which type of dining table is best?

The best dining table for you depends on the space it is intended for and how many people you are hoping to comfortably seat at the table.

What should I look for when buying a modern dining room table?

If you are striving for a modern look, sleek straight lines are where the modern dining room tables are at.

Should I choose a round or rectangle dining table?

The shape of your dining table needed is most often dependent on the space it is going in. For smaller spaces, a round table is great to give you more room to move around the table. A round shape will also help to soften the appearance of a square or boxy room. If you have a long or narrow area to fill, a rectangle table will lengthen the room.

What material is better for a dining table wood or glass?

There is no wrong choice between glass and wood. Glass is great for smaller areas because it appears weightless and does not close in the space as much as wood does. Both materials require a different type of care to maintain the look. Consider who is living in the space and who will be using the table to determine which material will be best for your household.

What shape dining table is best for small areas?

In most cases a round table will be best for a small area. Always premeasure your area leaving enough room for the chairs and easy movement around the table.

Do modern glass dining tables scratch easily?

Glass dining tables are scratch resistant but not scratch proof. Just like any other piece of glass it is important to treat your glass with care but regular use should not cause scratches.

What is an extendable dining table?

An extendable dining table comes with a middle "leaf" than can be inserted to make the table longer.

How wide is a table leaf?

Table leafs can vary but generally are long enough to provide an additional chair on each side.

How many people do dining tables seat?

The number of people a dining table seats depends solely on the size and shape of the table. Narrow armless chairs and benches can provide extra seating for smaller individuals.

How to care for a mid-century modern dining table?

Please check with the service department for your particular style of mid-century modern dinining table. The care depends on the materials the table is made of.