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Coffee & End Tables

Adding modernist end or coffee tables to your living space is a function of practicality. After all where else are you going to place your coffee table book on famous coffee table design. Aside from the practicality, these tables bring a sense of completeness pulling together all of the seating pieces in the group. A real world setting for conversation & beverage service is created. We've hand selected and reproduced a specific selection of unique but highly desired classic modern icons below to assist you in adding the finishing touches to your modernist living theme.

How do I choose the right coffee table?

Coffee tables come in many shapes and sizes for good reason. They are not one size fits all. The size, shape and height of your new coffee table will be determined by the sofa that it will be accompanying. As a design rule, you want there to be about 12" of space between your knees and the table when seated at your sofa.

How tall should a coffee table be?

The height of the coffee table will depend on the height of your sofa seat. As a general rule, a coffee table that is about 1-2" lower than your sofa seat is considered to be the most comfortable and functional.

Should I get a round or rectangle shape coffee table?

The shape of your new round or rectangle coffee table will depend on the furniture it will be paired with. You want to make sure you choose a shape that will allow enough room to move freely around it when not seated.

Should my coffee and end tables match?

End tables are often considered to be decorative and functional. This means that they do not have to match your coffee table but we recommend a strong enough contrast if you are looking to mix thing up a bit.

What's the difference between a coffee table and console table?

A console table is a tall, shallow table that usually sits in a hallway, entrance way or behind a sofa (also known as a sofa table). A coffee table is lower to the ground, usually about seat height and most of the time has a wider surface area.

What material is best for a coffee table?

Coffee tables main use are to place books, decorative items and sometimes drinks on. It's a good idea to use surfaces that non-porous and easy to clean.

Will modern glass tables scratch easily?

Kardiel modern glass coffee tables are scratch resistant and durable enough for regular use.

Where should I place my coffee and end tables?

A coffee table is designed to sit in front of a sofa or in the middle of a conversation area where side tables are designed to be placed on the side of a chair, sofa or bed.