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What's the difference between an end table and a side table?

Side tables and end tables can be used interchangeably as most are placed next to or at the end of another piece of furniture. As a common rule, side tables generally have a larger surface space than end tables.

Should end tables and coffee tables match?

End tables are often considered to be decorative and functional. This means that they do not have to match your coffee table but we recommend a strong enough contrast if you are looking to mix thing up a bit.

What table styles can I choose from?

We have end tables that are low, tall, adjustable as well as round and square. To determine what will work best for you, keep in mind the purpose of the table and height of the item they are being placed next to.

What size of end table or side table should I get? How should I measure?

The size and height of the end table will depend on the piece of furniture you are placing it next to. It is also important to predetermine the footprint of the intended space to make sure you are buying a piece that will fit properly. All dimension of our tables can be found on our site listings.

How many mid century modern end tables do I need?

The amount of mid-century modern end tables needed is determined by the amount of seating spaces and the square footage that allows for for additional surface spaces. As a general rule, it is a good idea to have a place to set a glass or cup down from any seated area in a common seating area.

Can a side table be higher than a sofa?

Sure, you can have a side table higher than a sofa, but keep in mind the aesthetic of balance and harmony as well as function when choosing your side table height. You want to be able to easily place items on the table next to you when seated.

Are these mid century modern side tables water-resistant?

Our tables are water resistant. However, if your table is made of wood or wood veneer, it is important to wipe up any spills to avoid the natural wood from swelling or warping over time.

What type of material is best for end tables?

We love all materials and have carefully selected only materials that we find to be optimal design. If you are having trouble choosing the best material from your space, you can email a picture of your room to our service team and we will gladly assist with your selection.