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Media Cabinets


Sideboard, Credenza, Buffet and Media Cabinet are all various ways to describe furniture items with doors that conceal the contents within them. Some of the most impressive pieces in the modernist movement were created between 1955 and 1968. We have identified and re-released through reproduction, a collection of the sought after icons of mid century modern storage. Where applicable, features such as adjustable shelves in the units have been updated for modern life.


How deep should a media cabinet be?

The depth requirements of a media cabinet will depend on what you plan to put inside it. Make sure you measure your cable box, receiver and anything you plan to put inside the unit. Dimensions are listed under the product details portion of each item.

Cabinet vs Console: What's the difference between a cabinet and a console?

Our cabinets can be referred to also as consoles. They are both used to house media and entertainment equipment.

Are there cable holes in the back of the media storage cabinets?

Most of our media cabinets do have holes for wires to go through although some of our styles do not. Please contact us if the image on the listing does not clearly show that there are holes on the back so we can confirm for you!

What is the maximum weight capacity for these storage credenzas?

Our storage credenzas are very stable and can hold up to 125lbs of your favoirite items!

How easy is it to assemble the media storage cabinet? Do I need any tools for assembly?

Super easy! Most styles just require attaching the legs which we ship unattached to prevent from shipping damage. You may request an assembly guide from our service team if you would like to see how the assembly works at any time by emailing.

Can I adjust the height on the storage credenza shelves?

Most shelves are adjustable for our storage units but we have a few styles that are fixed in place. Our service team is available 7 days a week to answer any specific questions you might have about a particular style.

what size television will these media cabinets accomodate?

We have a range of sizes available. The length in inches of each cabinet is listed on the name of the product for easy searching.

What are the shelf heights on the wood media cabinets?

Most of our media cabinets have adjustable shelving so the height will vary. If you are unsure about the ability to adjust the shelves in a particular style we are happy to assist with your inquiry!

Can the legs on these modern media cabinets be switched out for taller ones?

We have had customers in the past modify their cabinet legs after purchaing and taking ownership. However it is important to note that any modification done that changes the specifications of a product will void the warranty.