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What should I use to clean my upholstered rocking chair?


What is the purpose of a rocking chair? Is a rocking chair the right chair for me?

Our contemporary fabric rocking chairs Rocking chairs offer a unique back and forth motion that allows you to rest your back and relax. Rocking chairs are great for promoting rest, relaxation or socializing.

Does my fabric rocking chair come assembled?

Our mid-century rocking chairs come with easy and quick assembly.

How much space will I need for my rocking chair?

You can determine the space needed behind your mid-century rocking chair standing next to the chair and pushing it back all the way to resistance. You will want to make sure there is at least 12 inches between the top of the chair and the wall behind it.

Are these modern rocking chairs for indoor and outdoor?

Our mid-century rocking chairs are specified for inside use only.

Are these rocking chairs suitable for a nursery?

Yes, all our mid-century rocking chairs will elevate a nursery, and elegant reading nook or whatever room you strategize.

What materials are these mid century modern rocking chairs made of?

Our rocking chairs are each made with 100% polyester with each piece containing different fabric types of Lulop Velvet, Raymes Woven, and Festival Fabric.