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Modular Sofas

Our modern modular sofas are made to the highest standard, and designed to be used as often as they are admired. Combined with a limited lifetime warranty, our collection is guaranteed to be both reliable and breathtaking.

What is a modular sectional sofa?

Modular sectional sofa is a sofa seating system, typically residientlal that connects as one single unit providing multiple seating locations and a variety of angle and shapes.

How do modular sofas fit together?

Modular sofas used clasps on the underside to connect each piece as a single unit.

Can I customize my modular sectional couch?

Yes, you can customize the layout, overall size and price depending on which pieces you choose.

How many sectional pieces does my modular come with?

Most modular sofas come with 2 or 3 pieces. The configuration you choose will vary. Please check each product for details.

Is a modular sectional good for small spaces?

Yes and modular sectionals with narrow arms provide the most seating space for smaller areas.

Will my modular sofa come assembled?

No, however,... Most of the assembly is done. You will need to add the feet and the optional underside connectors that hold the units together.